About Us

Circuit Spirit was founded by 3 drivers who were born and raised in the Ventura, CA area and wanted to provide a local platform for grassroots drifting. All of us here at Circuit Spirit embody what Drifting should be all about. A damn good time. Having grown up around the D1 Grand Prix era and inspired by events we've attended, such as the infamous All Star Bash, we knew the main ingredient for our events had to be fun. We feel we do an okay job of providing just that for our drivers ranging from professionals to first timers, and spectators alike. Our cars are an extension of who we are. We are passionate about threading the needle between form and function and we will provide that same passion into everything we do here at Circuit Spirit.

We will continue to do our best to provide you with an amazing event where drivers, friends, and family are more than welcome to participate in the excitement. We're stoked to see all of you soon!